Friday 18 February 2011

Day 3 - RSA, ISACA and IISP

After all the B-Sides fun and games, I managed to get an Expo pass for RSA (thanks to the Damballa folks) so thought I should pop in, chat to a few key folks and grab some swag to take home.


I got to take apart the Enigma machine at the NSA booth!
Almost won a kindle at the M86 quizshow
Had a good chat with the Australians at the Cryptsoft booth
Learned all about splunk
Had to sit through a very content free Kaspersky talk
Gal Shpantzer gave me a good Becrypt run through
Had far too many burgers at the Qualys bar

Made it back to the hotel in time to try and repack my bags with all the swag (see the picture below) before heading off to the airport. Fairly uneventful trip the 8000 miles back home and arrived in Edinburgh just in time to host a talk by Louise Behan of the Specialist Fraud Squad on behalf of ISACA Scotland and the Scottish branch of the Institute of Information Security Professionals. It's been a long week :-)

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