Thursday 13 September 2012

44Con Burp Plugin Workshop Slides and Code available

44Con 2012 has been and gone and attendees seem to agree it was a huge success. I was proud to present my Burp Plugin Development for Java n00bs workshop at the event and on the whole I think it went well.

The demo gods weren't smiling on me which meant there was less audience participation than I had envisaged but in the end we ran over our two hour slot by fifteen minutes with just me talking and working through the demos so it was probably just as well!

I've published the slides on Google Presentations. Most of the content was me talking so make sure you check out the speaker notes as much of the detail is there and I've also included links to the code which is also available on our Github page.

The slides are at and the code is available at

If you want to play along at home you will also need to set up an IIS Application Server and install the WCF service from the RepeatAfterMe folder. This also requires the NOEMAX WCF-Xtensions .NET assemblies available from

You will need to edit the app.config file in the RepeatAfterMeClient to point to the correct location for your IIS server. Change the following section:

            <endpoint address="" binding="extensionBinding" bindingConfiguration="BasicHttpBindingExtended" contract="IRepeaterService" name="BasicHttpBinding_IRepeaterService"/>

If you have any questions regarding all of this, feel free to shoot me a message on Twitter.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

We're hiring!

To help us find the right people, we wanted to give you more information about 7E as a company and what it is we are looking for. 

So what are we about?
Well firstly, we're going from strength to strength.  We aim to improve the way the industry approaches information security and to make a real difference. We deliver high quality technical testing that enables our clients to receive the assurance they need.

We take pride in our approach to customer service and have built an excellent reputation in the delivery of innovative and pragmatic security testing. We deliver a wide variety of engagements and therefore there is always something new to get involved with. Our clients cover multiple business sectors, from small niche providers to large multinational blue-chip organisations and we treat all of them with the same level of dedication.

How do we do this?
We do all of this by putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. Exceptional customer service and delivering high quality products and services every time are central to the way in which we work. Our staff use their technical knowledge to tailor each engagement to the client’s needs and are able to translate technical issues into clear business related impact.

What does it take to work for us?
We are looking for individuals who are technical 'geeks', have a passion for security, but also have that something extra - wanting to make a difference.

Is this you?
If you are motivated in this way, then we want to hear from you. We passionately believe in what we do and if you share this vision then we can offer you the following:
  • Dedicated Time For Research / Training - A minimum of three days each month to work on research and personal training. If you have an innovative / interesting research idea then we will support the required effort to deliver.
  • No Sales / Delivery Targets - We don't have sales or delivery targets at 7 Elements. It is not about selling days, but delivering what the client requires.
  • Work-Life Balance - We believe strongly in a work-life balance, as such all of our staff get 30 days annual leave.
  • Development - We take great pride in providing on-going tailored support and development for our team. You can expect to receive individual training plans as well as attendance at conferences throughout each year.

Sign me up!
For further information or to apply then please send an email to

7 Elements does not accept agency CVs and will not be held responsible for any fees related to unsolicited CVs.